Want to drive Ferrari FF?


Traction 4WD
Maximum torque 683 Nm
Cylinders 12
Gearbox F1 dual clutch 7 gears

Maximum speed 335 km/h

Displacement 6262 cc

0 to 100Km/h 3,7 sec

Maximum power660 CV

Ferrari FF

€ 130,00

9Km, 10 minutes
  • 12Km, 15 minutes: € 190,00
  • 16Km, 20 minutes: € 250,00
  • 32Km, 30 minutes: € 360,00
  • 65Km, 60 minutes: € 650,00
  • 100Km, 120 minutes: € 1200,00

The most powerful road car of all time! The FF , or Ferrari Four as the 4 seats and 4-wheel drive , is the first and only Red -wheel drive developed entirely by the company of Maranello, able to provide the maximum available torque to the rear wheels splitting it with a dual clutch system on the front wheels , electronically controlling the power to be supplied to each wheel at all times .. so nothing gets wasted the majestic V12 6300cc engine , powerful with its 660 horses will push this road rage up to 335 km / h !! This is a jewel of automotive engineering that only the Prancing Horse is able to give to all those who really want to experience the thrill of driving a true sportcar ... and here in Pit Lane you can do it !! Drive the FF and feel the power of the 4-wheel drive on the asphalt of Maranello !!

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