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Pit Lane in just a few words

Pit Lane was born out of Daniele Valestri’s passion for speed: a passion he has nurtured since childhood and now decided to share with his clients and fellow Ferrari fans. Pit Lane offers a range of services to help its clients realize their dreams: from test drives on the road and on the track, to car rental, even for long periods. Pit Lane is also specialised in the management of motoring events; organising guided tours to the world-famous museums and car manufacturers in the Emilia region, lunches and dinners in exclusive locations and tasting sessions of the local food and wine.

  • Test drive on the road
  • Test drive on the track
  • Car rental
  • Incentive Events

And in the words of Daniele

Daniele Valestri, when and how did you create Pit Lane?

Pit Lane was born out of the great passion I have since early childhood and, which, at a certain point, I decided to share with my fellow Ferrari fans and the world at large.

Why Maranello? A question of logistics, emotional links or for another reason altogether?

Because it is the world capital of motoring, home of the most famous marque on the planet. This is where Ferrari was born…

What services are offered by Pit Lane?

We provide a range of services: from Test drives accompanied by a co-driver, to car rental for days, weeks or even months. We have wide range of vehicles available. We have several different models to offer clients: Maserati Gran Cabrio, Ferrari 430 Spider, Ferrari 430 Scuderia, Ferrari California, Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari 458 Spider, Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano and the latest exclusive Ferrari 458 Speciale and FF, the four-seater that combines power and comfort.

Let’s suppose I call you and book a time and date for a test drive. What happens next?

Your chosen car will be reserved for you with numbered pass that you can either collect in person or receive via email so that it is immediately available when you arrive at our headquarters.

But… do the people who go in for this kind of experience do it because they are looking to buy their own Ferrari, or because they know they will never be able to?

Both. Some live the dream with us and then return to reality, whereas others use the test drive to help decide which model they want to buy.

You are always at the forefront when it comes to exhibitions and events… How do these affairs come about?

We are specialists in the management of motoring events and also the local cuisine. We organise guided tours to the world-famous museums and car makers in Emilia region, lunches and dinners in exclusive locations and tasting sessions of the local food and wine, and can arrange a detailed programme of events to suit the needs of our clients. We can accommodate very large groups, and we can also arrange tours around factories and companies that offer on-site events.

What does the word “adrenaline” mean to you?

Behind the wheel of one of our cars, it means…. pure exhilaration. You have the sensation of being right at the limit of your own personal potential, a limit that you come very close to touching…

In your opinion, why is Ferrari such a universal icon, always in fashion and capable of withstanding the passage of time?

Because it has a unique story, right from it’s birth… that of the racing driver who reinvented himself to become a manufacturer: Enzo, who, through his painstaking attention to the smallest detail, came to dominate with his Ferrari at Grand Prix all over the world, making it the most desirable machine in the world for all his fans. A true legend.

At Pit Lane, do you tend to cater only for men or do you also number women among your clients?

More and more women are drawn to the legend, the beauty and the power… so… we excite the curiosity of the female world, also. Some become so enamoured of our cars and so adept at driving them that they go on to race on the track.

While we’re on the subject… of the famous clients who have “raced” with Pit Lane, are there any in particular who stand out?

Vincenzo Salemme in the film “Baciato dalla Fortuna”, who with his great personal charm and modesty made the filming a pleasant experience for all our staff; Max Gazzè for his enthusiasm: as an experienced Challenger driver, he demonstrated his racing ability, as well as his exceptional friendliness and kindness; not forgetting of course the ladies: Samantha De Grenet, Antonella Mosetti, the beautiful Manuela Arcuri, Raffaella Fico, Nina Moric… they were all fabulous!

Any anecdotes to relate? I mean… any interesting stories from your years in the business?

Over the years we have made a lot of people very happy, ranging from celebrities to just ordinary people. But the strongest feeling I had of being on the right track came when the son of an ex-employee of Ferrari, who had just retired and who entertained the dream that one day he would drive one of the cars that he had helped build over the course of his working life, gave his father a present of a Test Drive at our facility. As he approached the car, the man started to get in the passenger side, but when we explained to him that actually he was going to drive, he was unable to contain his emotion burst into tears of joy!

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