Road Test Drive

Road Test Drive

Road Test Drive

You're in the cockpit of a stunning red supercar and the roads around Maranello are at your disposal: you can take a spin through the hairpin bends in the Modenese hill country or drive through the town of the great legend, admiring the massive factory and driving past the museum of the world's most famous sports car maker, putting your foot down to experience the car's breathtaking acceleration as soon as the road is clear!

Our road tours let you test the cars to the full on special itineraries that extend into surrounding mountains; ideal for those who love the thrill of motor sports. If this is the experience you are looking for, we recommend that you choose a 30 minutes test drive over one of the suggested mountain routes, where you can unleash your inner racing driver.

Don't miss the opportunity for a thrilling experience on the legendary roads where Enzo Ferrari's dream took shape.

  • Road test drive
  • Driving around Maranello
  • Choose your favourite Ferrari
  • Possibility to bring up to two passengers with you
  • In complete safety, with an expert co-driver at your side


Here the requirements to drive a Ferrari or Lamborghini in Maranello :  

  1. For Italian citizens: Driving license to be valid at least from one year 
  2. For foreign citizens: 19 years old and a valid driving license ( we recommend the International Driving Permit in case of Extra UE provenance )    
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