Track Test Drive

Track Test Drive

Track Test Drive

With Pit lane Red Passion you can drive a Ferrari on the track, choosing from the following two solutions:

Track Test: Autodromo di Modena
Ferrari 458 Challenge
Ferrari 488 Challenge

These are competition cars that will allow you to unleash your passion for speed on a race circuit, accompanied by an expert co-driver.
The track test will be preceded by a detailed briefing session.

If you're looking for an even more comprehensive experience, our Road&Track package has been created especially for you:
Road & Track
Ferrari 458 Spider
Ferrari 488 Spider

What's included?

  • 30 minutes on the road
  • Briefing at the race track
  • 6 or 13 track laps (Road&Track 6 = 5 laps + cooldown ; Road&Track 13 = 10 laps + 3 cooldown)
  • 30 minutes on the road

Road & Track is an opportunity for true lovers of race thrills who wish to sharpen their sports driving skills.
You start out at the wheel of the car of your dreams for a thirty-minute drive to reach the race circuit, gradually gaining confidence with the car, and then you’ll get a chance to experience the car's true performance on the track. You’ll always be accompanied by a professional instructor, who will provide you with the essential information you need to make your experience at the wheel of these incredible supercars absolutely unforgettable.


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