California Turbo HS

California Turbo HS
  • Traction Rear
  • Engine Torque 755 Nm
  • Cylinders 8
  • Gearbox F1 double clutch 7 speed + reverse
316 km/h
3855 cc
From 0 to 100kn/h
3,6 s
560 HP

Handling Speciale: the maximum sports package

Handling Speciale: the maximum sports personality for the California Turbo with a new suspension set-up. Unveiled in March 2016 and available exclusively from Pit Lane Red Passion! Innovative set-up perfected for a Sport package that makes the engine sound even more spectacular and creates the optimal suspension configuration for track performance.


  • Front suspension stiffened by 16% and rear suspension by 19%
  • Magnetically controlled magnetorheological suspension (SCM3)
  • New exhaust with spectacular sound effect. As soon as the engine fires up it emits an even more full-bodied roar thanks to the updated silencer
  • More aggressive looks: grey metal grilles and matte black tailpipes
  • Faster and more race oriented gear shifts
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